Pumpkin Pie...

Since Jake and I missed Thanksgiving this year, I made a pumpkin pie for him for our anniversary.  It was actually the first time I'd ever made one, and I found a recipe that included condensed milk (which Brazilians love!) So I made another one for a BBQ we went to last night. Brazilians usually eat pumpkin with only salt and butter, so for it to be sweet was something new. But oh my, they loved it! One lady went back for seconds, and another asked for the recipe.
I also made chocolate covered pumpkin seeds and brought them to a movie night.  The pastor's two teenagers just raved about them.

It's such a blessing to have these moments with people here.  It seems as if Jake and I are always trying new things, getting out of our comfort zones, yet I never imagined that food could transcend language and cultural barriers, creating an equality between us and the Brazilians, as they, too, have new experiences in their own country.  A simple pumpkin, of all things!


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Anonymous said...

Hi my darling Ash
What a wonderful way to reach out to your new friends as you are daily developing your culinary arts.

Keep up the good work Ash and Jake
Lots of love from NAN xoxox