The Time of the Bride...

Well hi there, stranger! I've gone a few days without writing, but that doesn't mean for a second that we haven't been having any adventures.

While back in Canada, our very good friends, Charlie and Cindy, told us that one of Cindy's nephews was getting married in Anapolis during the very time we would be there.  Since they couldn't go, David (her nephew) said we could stand in for them.  

Then, we met a family at the Presbyterian church who mentioned that their cousin was marrying a Canadian in a couple of weeks.  The wheels in my head started turning.  Is it by any chance David and Mellissa? I asked.  The answer was, of course, yes! and how did we know them and were we going and now we have a ride and know someone at the wedding.  Coincidence? I think not!  God is so good.

It seemed like November 16th was such a long ways off, but it came and went last Friday.  David and Mellissa are married, Jake and I are impressed, and all is well.  

Most weddings in Brazil take place at night.  Like I said before, one of the mantras of missionaries around here is "night culture".  It's said whenever something doesn't seem to make sense, or a wedding starts an hour and a half after it's supposed to, or people have dinner at 10:30pm...say it with me: 

Night culture.

Ok.  Now that we have that established, the wedding was to begin at 8pm.  Jake and I got a ride with the family, so we arrived there at 7:30pm.  Our friend Igor took these pics, and I couldn't choose which one I liked the best!

We were sitting in our chairs, watching people arrive for an hour and a half. Yes, the wedding started at 9pm.  

Before the ceremony began, there was a small little ensemble playing some lovely orchestral and pop culture pieces to welcome people as the came in.  There was also a live recording of the entire ceremony projected onto the wall. It was nice because family members who weren't able to come could watch, and once David and Mellissa got up to the front, their backs were turned to us the whole time, so we could see their faces.  If you watch the video, you'll understand what I mean.
This is what greeted us as we came in, this delightful table of sweets and assorted pictures of David and Mellissa.

There was an orchestra, a live orchestra.  Apparently they play at all sorts of weddings, and Mellissa is one of the singers.  Let's hope they cut her a deal?!

The aisle...My goodness but it was gorgeous!
David came and stood up at the front by himself for the longest time.  First, he had to wait for both sets of parents to come up, then all of the bridesmaids, flower girls, and various others, then he had to wait for about 30-or-so close relatives to walk up the aisle.  

That's a lot of waiting!  It was worth the wait, though.  The orchestra played incredibly well (they even played a song from Pirates of the Caribbean for the parents' entrance!) 
All the close relatives sitting up near the front
 Here comes the bride, finally!

 Her dress was fantastic, wasn't it? 

One of the first parts of the ceremony was the placing of the rings, then they read their vows, which were long, and more like intimate letters to one another.  They've known each other since they were very little, and they've both been through a lot, but God brought them together!  After that came the little message (did I mention her Dad married them?)

There was a lot of special music (sung by members of the orchestral party), and signing of the register (by the grandmothers).  Then when they kissed, sparklers shot up to the ceiling! A very memorable moment.  What impressed me the most, was that there was a little video for the guests to watch while the bride and groom stood up at the front and got pictures with the various family members.  It was a great use of time, extremely efficient.  
The happy couple!

I just had to get a picture of that train!
After the wedding, there was no reception, not even salgados (appetizers), but there was a long line up to shake hands with the bride and groom, and their parents.  

While waiting in the line, we took pics of these gorgeous flowers (Jane, Jake knew you'd want to know what they looked like, so this was his idea :)
I would have liked to get a picture with them, but, like I said, it was a LONG line-up, and I didn't think it would be fair to make everyone behind us keep waiting.  

Afterwards, we got to go out for pizza with our new friends from the church, and it was 11pm, and we got home around 12:30am, in the rain, and had to slip through that little space between the bars in the seminary gate, and tried not to make noise so as not to get the dogs barking and wake up our neighbours.

All in all, it was such a cool opportunity to experience a Brazilian Christian wedding.  We're very happy for David and Mellissa, and may God bless them in their new union!



Singinglady said...

Hi Ashleigh
This was a wonderful blog to read and also to see all the pictures and video.
So interesting to see the cultural differences.
I am sure you had a great time.
Much love NAN

Singinglady said...

Thanks for sharing it with us! xoxox

Nanalauretta said...

Hi Ashleigh:

What a beautiful wedding. Your Mom sent it to me. You looked beautiful also. What a wonderful opportunity to go there and join in with the different culture that is there. I am sure they are beautiful people. God Bless to you all,
NANA Lauretta

Ashleigh Rivers said...

Awww, so great to hear from you both!I'm glad that you enjoyed it! xoxo