Last Full Class...

 Well, Bible classes have come to an end at the seminary, and so did ours last Tuesday.  Our class of three has dwindled down to two now, and as long as those two would like to keep learning, we'll keep teaching up until the week of Christmas.  The school year goes from mid-February to mid-December in Brazil, so this time of year there are a lot of graduations and celebrations, aside from Christmas!

From L to R: Natalicio (a professor), Elide, and Herli)
We really enjoyed this group, and I'm so upset that I forgot to take a picture of them with us (seems to be a theme here...), but happy that I captured this one at the end of class.  We had decided the week before to have a little celebration with food to say our goodbyes to Elide.

Our snack, complete with cafezinho and mandioca cake
(in the clear plastic tub)

We only had one student show up at our Thursday night class again, so we had to cancel it.  That has been so discouraging, but we're starting to learn how to be flexible in those situations.

This weekend we're visiting Dave and Miriam, our ministry team leaders, in their city of Catalao; it's been exciting to see a different part of the country, as this city is completely surrounded by farmland.  We're going to visit the church plant they've been helping with for the past 5 years.  Their commitment was about 5 years, so by next June they'll be finished here and will start wherever else God wants them to be.  
Just a teaser...



Singinglady said...

Hi my darling Ash
It hardly seems possible that the time of teaching your classes is already drawing to a close.
Hope you have a fun time at your closing party.
It is good that you are having the opportunity to take a little trip to see the church plant this weekend with your supervisors and get the feeling for another part of the country.
We have certainly missed you but we continue to pray that the opportunities that you have had to share with the students and new friends you have made, have in themselves been time to do some individual God plants with them and we pray that it has been a time of spiritual growth for both you and Jake as you have had to trust Him through these days. Much love always NAN xoxox

Singinglady said...
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