Take It In Stride...

We showed up tonight, braved the rain, prepared the lesson, and no one showed up.  The doors were locked, the lights were off, the church was empty. I was looking forward to this class (Thursday classes are my favourite-they're small in numbers, but the group is really fun!)

So we did this, instead:
Doing what we do best with Bill and Kathy Bacheller, and Ward Rau, a gentleman from their church in Chicago who is here for two weeks
I had made some peanut butter chocolate squares for our class, but since we didn't get to eat it there, we ate it at the restaurant.  I gave some to the waitresses, and they liked it so much, they asked for the recipe! (Thanks, Ashley!)  I never imagined that baked goods could be such a viable ministry-for me, anyways.  There are many talented and renowned cooks back home in Canada who use this gift for baking and cooking in opportune ways, and I admire that.

Jake and I got to visit Ministerio OASIS again yesterday, the counselling part of MAEB, and Kathy Bacheller showed us her house that is in the process of being built.

Kathy and the new director's house

Bathroom space- this has been Ward's project during his time here
We enjoyed being out there, and I was able to chat with the secretary, Karine, and hear more of her story, how God has worked in her life and brought her here.

Karine and I, a few weeks ago- I think I've gotten a bit darker, don't you?
Jake and I decided to take some pics too...

Being in Brazil has really taught us how to take things in stride.  If you show up somewhere and no one is there, or they're late, you don't worry about it.  I've actually felt less stress because of this, for, if I'm a little bit late, I know that my Brazilian counterpart won't mind that much.


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Anonymous said...

Hi my darling Ash
Sorry that the class didn't turn up tonight but it sounds like the get together after with your friends was a time of fellowship and sharing your culinary treats with them and also the waitresses.
As you said you are learning lessons while you are there and God knows what He wants you to take away from the directions that your days go and it may be entirely different from what you had in mind.
Once again we enjoyed the pictures and the stories that went with them.
Our prayers continue for you both daily.
Lots of love from Nan and Pops xoxoxo