Brazilian Baby Shower...

When Ben and Becky were still here, I had the opportunity to go to a baby shower.  Becky informed me that-for any party whether it be for a birthday, baby shower, or wedding-when the cake is brought out, it's time to go home (or, at least you know it's acceptable to do so at that point).

Well, I went home a bit before the snacks and cake, but I got to see quite a bit of what goes on.  Unfortunately, I forgot my camera, so you'll have to use your imagination.  On that day we were celebrating three babies, not yet born.  One of the women was going in for a C-section the next day, so everyone was excited for her.

They started with a really neat presentation of gifts.  You may have seen this done in Canada (I saw it at a wedding, once), but first you start with an empty bag.  Then the presenter starts giving gifts, preceding that with a nice phrase to go along with it.  For example, one of the gifts at the shower was body lotion, so the woman said something about keeping the mother feeling and smelling pretty even though she will be tired.  It was a really neat idea, and pretty soon their bags were full, and everyone got to see what the gifts were and why they were important.

After this, the games director gave the mothers a small, non-exerting writing game to keep themselves busy while the rest of us ended up playing some pretty exhausting ones!  They included:

  • The laundry hamper game: A team of two people had to work together to get a load of baby clothes on and off of the clothes line before the other team.  My team won, you know why? Because my mama taught me how to hang them clothes right! 
  • Find the shoe game: We all had to take off our shoes and put them on one end of the room.  Then, the games director went and mixed them all up while we had our backs turned.  The first one to find her shoes and put them on won
  • Put the clothes on the baby: There were two plastic baby dolls, and the first team to undress and dress her won
  • Pin the diaper on the baby: We spun the unsuspecting blindfolded victim around and then, using only our voices, had to lead her to the bulletin board to pin on the diaper.  Wow, this one got out of hand! Women were yelling, screaming, getting so frustrated when the player wasn't listening.  I left after that!
From my point of view, showers are pretty similar to those in Canada, except for all the balloons.  I don't know what it is about Brazilians and their balloons, but they LOVE to use them for all their parties and decorations.


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Singinglady said...

Hi Ash

That sounds like quite the busy but fun filled shower and I am sure that if you had your camera that you would have had some funny shots

I would have loved to see you hanging out the clothes !!
Lots of love from NAN xoxox