Brazil is Alive...

Don't worry, I washed my hands thoroughly!
One of the reasons I love Brazil is because it is so lush.  It's alive.  There are constantly birds singing, lizards scuttling, and beetles buzzing.  The trees change into beautiful flowering things, and the vegetation multiplies like a child in a growth spurt.

Jake often comments to me that life is so much simpler when you don't have to prepare for four seasons.  You don't need to put special shingles on your roof, just use ceramic tiles, because there is no snow.  You don't need to change the tires on your car to accommodate for inclement conditions, and you don't need to go through a complete wardrobe change-up when the fall season starts in earnest.

I miss the beautiful colour change of the leaves in autumn back home, but I wouldn't trade sitting on this porch in my shorts and bare feet for anything.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Ash
Living for so many years in our climate here in Canada it is hard to visualize living where we do not experience the changes in the seasons
However there are some of them that I do not think I would miss especially as now all the leaves have pretty well come off the trees and we have several months now in the cold weather.
Enjoy the time you have there before you return to our cold days.
Lots of love NAN XOXOXO