Power Goes Out...

I stepped into the shower, turned on the water, and waited.

And waited and waited and waited.

Finally, I had to accept the fact that the power was out, since the water never warmed up.  Sure enough, the light was off in the fridge, too.

We were kind of in a rush for church, having decided during snooze button fest that sleep was more important.

So I decided to whip up my breakfast in the blender.

Which was out of commission due to the powe...yeah, yeah, I get it.

I grabbed a banana that wasn't covered in milk and chia seeds, and we headed off in the light rain to church.  Our pastor picked us up on the way, and that's when we realized that it wasn't just our place that had lost power.  It was a big section of town, noticeably defined by the policia militar that were directing traffic in place of the lights.

The church had no electricity either, and, since Jake uses the laptop for his lesson notes, he had to teach half by memory and half by the scattered notes he'd uploaded to his phone a couple days ago.

I think we've both learned our lesson about, well, lesson notes.  Personally, I enjoy having a hard copy in front of me, but found that it can be difficult to print it out if it's not actually on the USB stick you've brought to the printer 5 minutes before you have to catch your bus.

Technology being the beauty that it is, I think we'll both be uploading a back-up lesson to our phones from now on.

And I've also gained insight into why iPads and Tablets are so desirable...


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Singinglady said...

Hi Ash
Each experience you go through gives you the opportunity to learn a bit more of how to improve things for the next time.
We do take a lot for granted at times that everything will go smoothly but we can sure find ourselves in a pickle at times!
We just have to improvise and pray that it will all come out okay.
I am sure it did this time for both of you too. Lots of love from NAN xoxo