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I don't know how ya'll [give me a break, we work with American missionaries!] feel when people post more than one blog per day.  Personally, I love reading blogs.

I have Google Reader, meaning that I subscribe to as many blogs as I want which then appear in one feed, allowing me to read them all in one place rather than skipping over to multiple websites every day.  Jake and I both follow blogs, and lately it seems that hardly anyone is writing [including myself!].

I guess the closer we get to various holidays, the less time people have to sit down and blog.  In my case, there just hasn't been anything interesting to write about, or so it seems.

I've been looking through some of my pictures, and realized that there are stories in each and every one of them.  I'll let the pictures inspire me to do a little bit of writing.  Some of these pictures have been on Facebook, so you may have seen them already.

This is Nicky, the Evans' boxer.  He's a BIG boy!  Just now I got scared because his head popped from below the table where I'm writing, his brown, globe-like eyes imploring me to scratch him behind the ears.  He is a big snuggler, and tells you in no subtle terms that he wants love.  One time I was stretching on the porch, and he decided that would be a good time to plop right down on top of my legs and get some attention.  Let me tell you, he's not light!  He and Nina had to get used to each other when the Evans returned from the States [some friends were taking care of Nicky], and they still have some work to do.  Nina considers Jake and I to be her humans, so she takes it very personally, not to mention indignantly, when Nicky decides he needs to be pet.  She barks all around him, and gets herself right in there, making sure our hands are nowhere near his head.  We've got a long way to go yet.

Our friends Marilane and Rodrigo took us to Goiania a couple of weekends ago.  It's the capital of Goias, as well as the city to where we flew in.  Goiania is only 45 minutes away, but it is much more commercialized than Anapolis, with big sky-scrapers and many little restaurants, called barzinhos.  Jake took this picture at one of the massive malls, where our friends bought us some espresso and hot chocolate to pass the time before we headed out to a fish buffet.  Sound appetizing?  Well, I had been looking forward to it as soon as they mentioned that was where we would be eating.  Waiters brought around platters of seafood, all kinds, including shark and shrimp.  I was disappointed that most of the fish was battered, but that saved Jake's life [since he's still learning how to enjoy fish!].  I enjoyed the melted battered cheese balls [think New Year's appetizers-mozza sticks], and salmon, including the rice salmon pilaf.  We enjoyed our time with Marilane and Rodrigo, and were grateful to be able to get to know them a little better.

Now this, this is my happy compromise.  When I want something sweet, but not completely devoid of nutrition, I get this, a bowl full of fruit covered in chocolate.  It's like a fondue, but better.  This bowl was drenched in chocolate, and contained three amazing fruits: strawberries, bananas, and grapes [although the grapes they use here are the big ones that contain seeds--crunchy when you want soft and squishy]. 

Sandals are acceptable here, even the thong-type [flip-flops in the vernacular] sandals that you wear to the beach.  I've seen shoes of all types being worn.  And yet, I'm learning that there are rules.  You can't wear flip-flops to church, but you can wear sky-high stilettos.  I've learned that, for women, the acceptable and most common type of shoe used in the evening when going to class or shopping is the closed-toe flat shoe, like the shoes in the picture [those are mine, by the way!].  Shoes are a big deal, and for someone who doesn't enjoy shoe shopping, it feels like an even bigger ordeal.    I've been intimated to buy some ever since we arrived, but I passed by a shop window yesterday and noticed how cheap they were [think Payless affordable] and had a blast trying them on.  I've never felt so excited to buy shoes before, and I think it may have been becayse I was on a mission.  I was in the shop for a total of 45 minutes [I decided on these in an impressive 15 minutes, and then chatted with the store clerk for the rest of the time].  Needless to say, I'm happy with my purchase, and can't wait to wear them to class tonight!

Anyone who knows Jake knows that he is a human magnet for all things animal and small.  I don't know if you can see well in the picture, but he coaxed a lizard on to his hand [it's in between the third and fourth finger].  That's the first time he's got to hold one since being here, but I can assure you that it hasn't been for lack of trying!  We were walking in the seminary last night and ran into a pregnant cat.  In no time, Jake had her purring around his ankles, and the cute little thing followed us home.  I was worried about the dogs getting her, but their barks were enough to keep her outside of our yard.

*Confession Time*

I like cats.

I know, I know, there are plenty of haters out there.  I was once a hater, too.  Not to mention that I get some sort of allergic reaction when I am within the vicinity of those furry felines. But you know what changed my mind for me?

These precious little ones
And they didn't give me too bad of an allergic reaction, either.  I'm really looking forward to the idea of getting a cat when we get home.  If you've seen our apartment, you'd understand why it's not a good idea to get a dog.  There's really no space for a larger animal to run around, so a cuddly, talkative, mellow cat would be the perfect addition!

Those are all the stories I have for now.  It's another rainy afternoon here, and I think I shall make myself some tea.

Enjoy your afternoon!


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