A Place of Descanso...

You know that big long word that English profs love to use, onomatopoiea? (I probably didn't even spell it correctly!)  Dictionary.com describes it as "the formation of a word by imitation of a sound made by or associated with its referent."   For example, buzz. It sounds like, well, buzzing, when you say it.
There's one Portuguese word that I've enjoyed hearing and speaking, on occasion.
It means rest, and, I mean, the way it rolls off the lips gives you the impression that you just gave your tongue a day at the spa.
You can feel the tranquility emmanating from the depths of this long, unused notion.
It's hard for some of us to rest.  I woke up this morning with laundry on the brain, and while I was rushing back and forth between the washing machine and my Bible, Jake was sitting exactly how this photo depicts, at our new-to-us picnic table, resting, the perfect picture of morning's first light bathed in peaceful rays of sunshine.
Exactly how I wished I could have been resting in God's Word: without worrying about getting that first load on the line.
Let's descanse, for a little while, and remember to thank Jesus for those precious moments of peace.


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