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Today's random thoughts are on something delicious. After years of hating it and avoiding it like the plague, I now have a new hobby: cooking. I have my handsome husband to thank for that, since he showed me that you can actually have fun while cooking. We have recently started up (once again) our habit of planning out our weekly meals, which I am looking forward to making. This week are a couple of exciting ones, that I am DYING to make.

One is moussaka, a traditional middle eastern and Mediterranean dish that usually contains lamb and eggplant. Mine will be made with beef instead of lamb, but I'm so eager to try this out!! Props to my Mom who gave me Company's Company The Potato Book with the recipe in it, which I just found yesterday. **HAPPY**

The other meal I'm looking forward to cooking this week is this recipe from the 2011 Milk Calendar: the Chicken noodle bowl. I even got to buy rice vinegar, rice noodles, AND Sriracha hot sauce from the Asian aisle in Food Basics, specifically for this recipe.
**Feels so Asian=WIN**
Chicken Noodle Bowl
I mean, doesn't this make your mouth water?!

Every Wednesday during the English Training Camp, we get to have a "Cooking Party". This means I get to plan all the meals, which include a side dish and a dessert. It's pretty fun, and so far the students have been enjoying learning to cook non-Asian food. This week we'll be making individual pizzas, iceberg lettuce with shrimp salad, and banana muffins. I'm excited!



Singinglady said...

My dear Ash
Congratulations on your 500th blog today.
It has been very exciting to have followed you pretty well all the way and just to have been a part of much of what has taken place in your life, makes it all the more meaningful.
I know that even though they may not have responded, that there are a few of my friends who have also followed your tracks and enjoyed you writings very much.
I hope you will continue to write as the spirit moves you in the days ahead.
In response to today's blog on the new cooking skills that you are developing and enjoying so much......
Who would have thought this would be happening in such a short time since you got married!
It will be interesting to see how you bloom in your culinary skills in the days ahead and with the help of some of the good cook books you received, you will have lots of scope to prepare many delightful dishes together with your hubby and for your guests.
It sounds like you are also enjoying coordinating the meals for your students as well and introducing them to some non-Asian dishes and this too is good practice for you..
Although I have been a bit backlogged in my mail this last little while and have not been as faithful in my responses back to you, I still continue to print the blogs out for Pops and he too also enjoys reading them.
It helps us feel close to you even though we do not see you as often.
Hope things continue to fall into place for you and Jake as you move ahead with your plans for the future.
Much love always
Nan xoxoxox

On God's path said...

Both pics look so delicious and yes you very muchly have my mouth a watering. I want awesome cook books. I love company's coming! I will see you in a few short hours.