Up With the Sun...

I distinctly remember writing a blog a couple of years ago about how freezing cold my feet were at the time.

Believe it or not, they are freezing right now as well. I'm sitting here on the couch, a blanket over me, the sun's brilliant rays shining not-so-brightly through the curtain, thinking about how grateful I am for the coolness of the morning. More often than not lately, I will wake up freezing cold, dress in pants, and then face the humidity of the late afternoon with a shocking dissatisfaction. The coolness has been a comfort, a relief from the heat of the past few weeks. It's a welcome relief.

I know that I have talked about weather a lot in my past few blogs, but I suppose I'm just surprised at how much I have started to despise the heat. (It doesn't help when I forget to shave my legs and have to wear pants to neatly hide that appalling fact.)

I suppose what I'm really saying is that I wish I could be accustomed to the heat, like the nationals of India are to their heat, or the people of Brasil are to their summer calidity. I am embarrassed of sweating, especially in North America, where it is seemingly frowned upon, as if we are not human. I can't count the number of magazine and other media ads I have seen purporting sweating as being highly inconvenient, presenting various deodorants, cream, or medical procedures to help mask such an offensive bodily function. And that is for those of us that do struggle with this pernicious affection.

I know a few people who don't even need deodorant, let alone anti-perspirant. They can sit for hours in the blistering sun and the damp humidity and not sweat one drop. They don't smell like someone who has just spent a day making vegetable soup, either, which is how I usually smell when I don't use deodorant.

Ah, I just have to chalk it up to genetics (and the way God made me!!), and get used to the fact that my sweat glands work, baby. Don't I know it. Maybe God will send Jake and I somewhere we can wear swimsuits while sharing His Word with people.


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Annie said...

HAHAHAHAHAH O Ash.. I LOVE the comic..

hang in there.. it MUST be hard with no water nearby :( It's a cloudy day today but the past couple of days have been SOOO nice and warm.. finally!!! Keep bloggin.. I still read even if I don't comment :) xo