A Special Occasion in My Blogging World...

This blog marks the 500th post since March 2006, when I was preparing to head off to Brasil for 5.5 months. Since then, so much has changed, and I've varied in my writing style and frequency. Nonetheless, I still enjoy blogging, and typing out my random daily thoughts.

So a very special thank you goes out to my faithful blog reader, my beloved Nana, who pretty well comments on each of my blog and prints them out for my Poppa to read. She's been with me since the very beginning (literally), so, Nan, without you, I would probably feel like it was all for nothing! I know that a few other people read them occasionally, so thanks for listening!



On God's path said...

Awww so sweet to write this to your Nan! I love reading your blog

Singinglady said...

Hi Ash
It is always a joy to receive your blog updates and all the more when it is a significant one.
You have had many experiences since you first began to write your thoughts and share them here.
I know you think that you have not had too many people who have followed you, but I have had a few friends who have always been interested in you and often I have forwarded them the link for them to read themselves.
Although they may not have left a comment, they often have responded to me to express how they enjoyed your writing.
Up until just recently I kept each and everyone in a binder and I still print them out for Pops to read.
Thank you for such a sweet acknowledgement of us.
We love you very much and will look forward to how the Lord will direct your pen in the days ahead.
Lots of love
from Nan xoxoxox