Splish, Splash...

Thanks to Jake's new job, we were able to get free tickets to Bingeman's water park yesterday, plus a company BBQ. It was amazing, despite the weather's capricious game of hide and seek with the sun. We haven't done anything like that together, so it was really neat for us to see each other in a totally different element. We swam and slid down amazing slides, got sunburned, as you can imagine, played two epic games of mini-golf in the rain (surprisingly enough, I got 2 hole-in-ones!), and ate so much BBQ we didn't need dinner. It was truly epic.

This ride, called the "Cyclone", was exactly that. We decided to begin with this one, and I got claustrophobic and Jake threw out his neck. Happy beginnings, not. However, we went down a second time, much later, and enjoyed it a lot more. I think the element of surprise was gone, and we faired a lot better! Although, I had to laugh, because as I was waiting to go down, the bored attendant said to me, "You can swim, right? It's a 10-ft drop down there." Wow. Thanks for the vote of confidence!!

Our favourites were the raft ride and "the pipe", and we screamed like little children. Nothing like a heart-pumping adrenaline rush to unify your marriage again. I loved it!


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