Riesens and New Sandals...

So, I am not supposed to be having anything sweet today, but I caved and ate two little Riesen candies- 40 calories each. Hopefully that won't break the scale. I just needed a little pick-me up. But I suppose we always say things like that to justify our food habits. I just got this book in the mail yesterday, and I'm eager to read it. Made to Crave was written by a woman who offers some insights into switching our cravings from junk food to our wonderful Lord and Saviour. So far, it's pretty good.

Our good friends, Chris and Allie, came to visit us yesterday, so we could watch the last intallment of Harry Potter together. We've gone to see the last two with them, and decided not to break tradition on this last one. When I got into their car, I noticed a pair of really nice sandals sitting on the seat beside me. I commented to Allie on how much I liked them, and she said, "If they fit you, you can have them!"

UMMMM....YES PLEASE!! I mean, look at these beautiful gladiators!!!

I have wanted a pair like this for a really long time, and for some reason just haven't got them. And this is why. God wanted to bless me through Allie. So, if Allie ever reads this, I just want you to know that you pretty much made my day!!! (and because you and Chris came all the way down to see HP with us and stay the night...that was pretty awesome too!!)

Hopefully everyone survives the heat today. Supposedly it's the hottest day in Canadian history.


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