Random Thought Day...

My, it's so different living life without allergies. I haven't had to take a Reactine in probably two or three weeks, which means I can start wearing my contacts again! When I originally got them, the doctor who examined my eyes told me that I could wear them even throughout allergy season. Apparently he doesn't get seasonal allergies, because I could not even wear them for an hour without wanting to scratch my eyes out. I'm very grateful for this reprieve, and happy to know that there is hope after allergy season!!!

I've been reading other people's blogs, and I think it's neat how some people have a specific theme for each day of the week, like "Cool Finds Monday", or "Picture Wednesday". I am kind of intrigued. I am worried about simply being a copy-cat of someone else, however, I could pick my own topic for each day. Hmmm....


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