Humid, humid, humid...

["Beautiful Orillia"- don't you just wanna jump right in?]

I don't care if people grew up driving 1 hour to the beach when it was hot out. It's just NOT right!!! I am a Northerner, and take great pride and saying that I only had to walk 10 minutes to one beach, and maybe 1/2 hour (5 min drive) to the other, and they were IN TOWN.

Hear this, people, living in a beach town is not over-rated. I would give anything for that right about now. I'm pretty sure I would be at the beach every evening.

I know I'm ranting. I guess I'm just feeling a little bit defensive of myself, for simply wanting a nice place to cool down. Also, this is the first summer I've lived without AC in two years, in this town. I was used to it in my hometown, because my parents never had it when I was growing up. But this...oh man. God, help me if You ever send me to a hot country to be a missionary. I think I just might melt away.

mmmmmm. melt aways. Like those chocolates that melt in your mouth....you know the ones I'm talking about! I like this change of topic...

Enjoy the heat wave!


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Annie said...

o man.. I miss that... it's cold here :( i love you and MISS YOU!! skype date REALLY soon k???? xoxoxoxox