A Time to Swim...

Jake and I are going to a pool party today. Not just any pool party. A Heritage "reunion" pool party. It happens every year, and every year it gets more and more fantastic. Plus, I'm married, so now I don't have to feel awkward swimming in front of Jake!

For some unknown reason, there was always some unspoken boy/girl split that would happen. All the girls would be in the pool at the same time, while the guys were in the hot tub, and then there would be the switch. I never understood this heightened awareness of our gender differences, especially when it made it more awkward. If we were at a beach, no one would care, we would all wear what we wear, and that's the end of it. But for some reason, the dynamics change when it's in someone's backyard.

That being said, I think this year will be the least likely to have that awkward tension. Many of the people who will be there are now married, or will be getting married shortly. Plus, over time, the "Heritage rules" syndrome becomes less prevalent in our minds.

All that to say, I'm excited to be getting some reprieve. I'm pretty sure I will be in that pool all afternoon :)


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krystle ann-marie said...

It sounds like such a good time!! I'm sorry that we had to miss it this year.