Back to Home...

It's amazing, after all the time I was dying to go on vacay, how much I missed our little apartment and small-time downtown core.

Jake and I spent a lovely week at his nana's cottage up near Midland area. We went up on the Friday, and spent all of Saturday celebrating my parents' 25th wedding anniversary (which is actually tomorrow), and then stayed at the cottage by ourselves on Sunday and Monday. Jake said it felt surreal being back there (since many a summer since his birth included a trip to that famed place), and yet he was now there with his wife. It felt pretty cool and grown-up, living in a little house by ourselves :) We had so much fun those two days, canoeing, hiking, swimming, and floating out on the lake on a wind-surfing board (and trying not to tip it over and land up swimming neck deep in feathery sea-weed and algae). Tuesday was my sister, Vanessa's birthday, so we went strawberry picking and then spent the afternoon with my mom and younger brother. Wednesday was spent with our good friends Chris and Allie, who stayed until Thursday morning. Of course, it decided to rain that day, so we stayed in and watched X-Men, and roused ourselves just enough to go into town and eat out.

Thursday morning found me saying goodbye to my dear friend Ruth-Ann, who is moving to BC. It felt kinda weird, and when we hugged, it was like we were just saying, "see you in a month!". I probably won't see her until December, though. I wish her all the best in her travels, and know that she will have a blast in this new adventure.

By Friday, I was much too eager to return home. The cottage had lost it's shine, I was all tuckered out, and getting kinda stressed out about starting my job again this week. i wanted to go home. But we had a great day, enjoyed a morning at the Elmvale Jungle Zoo, and then visited with a wonderful couple whom I love and admire, the Torries. On Saturday, we went to a wedding, and Maria looked absolutely stunning!

I persuaded Jake that we should leave that night, so we cleaned up, locked up the cottage, and made our way back to Home Sweet Home. I feel so much more relaxed, and happy to be back in our cozy little pad.

I loved vacationing with Jake, and we now have some new and wonderful memories of his family cottage.


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