Through New Eyes...

Sometimes I find it hard to watch movies that I don't know anything about. I have stared at the DVD shelves in the library more times than I can count, and after a while I just have to pick something before I go crazy.

Last night I chose a movie called "For Coloured Girls", directed by thought-provoker Tyler Perry. Although the movie focused mostly on black women, the challenges and struggles of life do not escape women of all colours, shapes, and sizes. There were 8 women whose lives slowly intertwined throughout the course of the film, dealing with tragic losses, rape, various types of abuse, and relationship issues. It was a hard movie to watch, but really opened up my eyes to what some women go through. I felt so much compassion, and teared up a few times. Perry has a definite way of tugging at people's heart strings, as well as facing the complexities of morality.

Since the movie is based on a poem, there are quite a few moving monologues from the women. I was impressed with the depth of emotion that was tackled.


My internet is working well tonight, so I typed this while watching a movie. Multi-tasking at it's best :)

I hope everyone has a great evening!


If you are considering renting this movie, just be careful as there are some disturbing scenes of violence.

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