Wonderful Week-end...

Sometimes I wish the week-end would last forever. I had such a busy and crazy week, that it was so nice that Jake and I could go to a conservation area and do some hiking, and resting, and reading together. I love how being in nature makes me feel closer to God, especially when you see all the rock faces and different kinds of vegetation. It was so peaceful, except for the insane amount of people that were there. At one point, there was a creeper standing on a rock ledge above from us; we both felt incredibly awkward. Jake took me out for dinner at this quaint little restaurant, and they had the most amazing beef au jus. Yum!

This morning I was able to take all 11 of the Korean students to my church! Since I have my friend's car, Jake, his brother, and I were able to drive them all. They really loved it, met the pastor, and talked with many people. I felt so proud and protective of them, as if they were my children. It was a wonderful, loving, peaceful experience for them, and I hope that we can do it again next week! I am just praying that they will have been able to take something away from the sermon this morning.

I am looking forward to a new week, and am now just doing a little lesson planning before going to bed (Hopefully before 12:30am).


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