Listening to Portuguese Worship...

In the past year I have become more appreciative of praise and worship music, strange genre title that it is. If we are to glorify God in everything that we do, then every song we sing should be praise and worship (ones that are religious, that is). However, when I listen to Portuguese praise and worship, something hits me inside, and I feel so peace-filled and worshipful. I think, somehow, when I listen in another language, it forces me to listen more closely so I can translate and understand the words.

It has been a great week-end so far; my friend Ashley came up and visited me. We went to the market, and saw some really neat things there. Then she cut Jake's hair, and it looks so amazing, clearly much better than anything I have ever attempted! It makes sense, though, because she did go to hair-dressing school :) I'm glad she came, it was nice to catch up.

This afternoon, Jake and I went to do our gift registry at Sears, and it was our first time! Both of us felt overwhelmed, and learned a lot about ourselves and each other through the process. It is a daunting task, and with that laser gun, you feel as if you hold the world at your fingertips, and could scan everything in the store. Neither Jake nor I consider ourselves to be terribly materialistic, so it was almost too much. Not to say that we don't like our "things", but I think God has prepared us both for a life in missions, where we have to pack light and give some things up when we move on. That's how it should be.

I am now taking a break from working on my lessons for the English Training Camp. Both Arleen and I feel somewhat incapable, but with God we can do much. I just hope that we will be a good example to these Koreans we will be teaching(as some of them are not believers), and that we will also be able to equip them to feel more confident in speaking English. Right now I am working on the conversation discussions, which I hope to have completed tonight to send off to my supervisor so she can approve. It's going to be a long night, but I need to finish it! I will feel so much better that way!

I forgot to mention that I met with a friend of mine yesterday, who is a wonderful, godly, Christian lady, and a wife to one of my favourite professor's at college. It was such a blessing to me, being able to be real with her about life and faith, and learning how to prepare to be a godly wife. I hope we can meet many more times, as I am so eager to glean upon her experience and wisdom as a missionary, a wife, and a mother.

God is truly leading me along this path, and although it's hard at times, I know that deep within me I am wrestling with the right things, and that over time He is smoothing out the rough edges of my soul.


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Rivers in Reverse said...

What a wonderful God we have. I will be praying for you and Arleen during your teaching ministry! Don't forget to keep me in the loop! I love you!