Tuckered out..

I am not in the mood to lesson plan tonight. I have been sitting at my computer for about an hour already, just checking emails and catching up on Facebook. *sigh* I have to go back to the school for 9pm so I can lead devotion time. I feel like I don't have enough time in the day. I have good intentions to do planning, and then I don't do it. Maybe I'll go and get some dinner prepared and then I might feel like planning. Or I might need mood music....Arabic seems to do the trick.

Today I was able to drive some of the students to the mall, and they were able to check out Winners. I also drove Arleen back to her house; we got lost, but normally it takes 15 min., whereas on the bus it takes her 2 hours. I opted for being lost for a few minutes to her 2 hour bus ride. Not cool.

It was a good day, just pray that devotional time will be useful and eye-opening tonight, and that God would touch their hearts.


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