In the Air...

We took our convo class outside today, since the students were going a little stir crazy indoors. We talked about Blindside, and it turns out that the movie would have been a better hit if we had stopped every 5-10 minutes to talk about it. I never thought of that, but it makes sense. I can imagine that it was so hard for them to keep up with the dialogue. I'm glad that they feel comfortable enough to speak the truth, and tell me what they need.

I felt like today went much better, and I was more prepared, especially with my grammar lesson. I was almost too tired to get out of bed, but being with my students certainly revved me up like nothing else. I am going to miss them so much (there I go thinking about that already, and it is only Day 3!). I cannot tell you how alive I feel teaching them. In this, I know that I am right where I am supposed to be. I especially enjoyed my personal meetings with each of my six students in the afternoon. I am glad I can meet with them like that, to get to know each of them and what their individual strengths and weaknesses are. I hope that I can be a great help to them. I also need to pray for each of them, as they tend to open up to me during those times. I feel so blessed in this role as teacher and confidant/spiritual mentor.

I learned that every Korean young man must spend two years in the military after he finishes high school, and he has no choice One of my students was telling me about it, and he feels like it was a waste of two years. I don't know how I feel about mandatory military service. It's an interesting concept.

I also went for a run afterwards; no idea where the energy came from, but even though it was hot, I was happy to sweat off the mental acrobatics I've been going through.

Lesson planning is on the schedule for tonight, so I'm out :)


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