The Food Cycle...

I had a wonderful visit with Missy tonight. We went to William's, and I ate a "magic bar"...go there to find out! AMAZING! We had a good convo, and got to catch up on life. I wish I was better at keeping in touch with all my friends, and so for all of you who read this, thanks so much for scraping me out of my hole so I can spend some time with you! I appreciate it so much! Love you, Miss...

I just want to comment quickly that classes and afternoon activity went well today. We were able to let the students into the gym so that they could get some much needed exercise. They played basketball (which I detest with all of my heart), and then I got to lead a rollicking game of dodgeball. We had much fun, and I'm glad they could do something different for a change.

I have noticed a trend in my food cycles. I get into two - four week cycles of the same food over and over. Last summer, I always made curried rice, fried eggs, avocado, and tomatoes, for like a month straight after I got home from work. April to May of this year I made stir fry with rice for dinner every day, then it was salad with raspberry vinagrette, and now it's pita with hummus and pickles, with a side of cheese. I don't know why I get into patterns with my food, but I do it with music too, listen to the same song over and over and over again for days, weeks, until I find another song that I can't get enough of. I wonder if it's a bit of my type A personality coming out, and if it's the structure and routine of it all that I enjoy. Hmmm...I'm almost finished the pitas and hummus, wonder what's next?


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Missy said...

Love you too Ash! Glad we could get together for a little while!