Memory Lane...

Jake and I drove to church today by ourselves for the first time. It was a wonderful and freeing feeling, and I was ecstatic! We also spent an hour and a half cooking Brasilian. We made arroz e feijao, rice and beans, carne, meat, and farofa. It tasted so good! We also found a bottle of Guarana at the Portuguese supermercado; this is one of the most popular sodas in Brasil, at least where I lived, and it was nice sharing Jake in a little piece of my memories.

We were also able to go for a walk in the warmth of a summer night, something we haven't really done since last summer, when we would go for a walk for a couple hours each night.

I am now doing some more preparation for my classes that start tomorrow. I hope that everything will go ok. I am quite nervous, but I'm sure the students are as well!


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Rivers in Reverse said...

SO delicious! Can you please say we can cook Brazilian more often?

Love Always