A couple days later...

I'm sitting here at my desk with a sunburned face and iceblock feet. Go figure, Canada. What a contradiction; it's humid outside, and AC in the house. And yet, I am grateful.

I had a great day, we took the group swimming at a community pool nearby. They had a great afternoon, and we cheered one another on as there was a diving board overlooking a completely separate pool than the swimming pool. We watched people do flips and amazing feats, and laughed as some, including those from our own group, barely made it off the end alive, and contorted their bodies into little balls that painfully slapped as they made contact with the water below. We went to Tim's and DQ afterwards, and I am continually amazed at the sharing spirit I see among the Koreans. They buy something, but pass it around and hardly get a bite to themselves. I love it when people share with me, and will always accept if someone offers, but I have a difficult time sharing what I have. It is a good lesson for me.

I was quite frustrated in grammar class this morning, mostly because I couldn't explain a concept to Sun a. She wanted so badly to understand, and the expectation upon her face killed me, as I was not prepared to give her the answer she needed. I am more sure than ever that if I EVER teach ESL again, I will get my TESOL certificate. I must be ready to tell these students what they need to know.

Jake and I shared a lovely dinner of PC chicken and Breyer's ice cream on the back porch this evening, and it was nice to have some down time. I needed to just be with him and unwind. I am so grateful to God for him, and the blessing that he is in my life. I can't believe it, in 107 days we will be married, Lord Willing. What a wonderful thought!

Devotions with the students was very compelling tonight, and once again, it was relevant to my life. I love how God does that, how he speaks to me exactly how I need to hear it.


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