Sunny Days...

AAAAH....Eu gosto muito muito dias de sol...ya... I really really like sunny days. oh yes. Today was beautiful. It was actually NOT a jeans day, like I thought when I was choosing what to wear this morning. Can you say OVERHEATING!!!!! Before we left Taguatinga this morning, Graça told me that Joyce called her last night and told her that she couldn´t teach again today because she is sick, so I would have to do it. I was totally not prepared. For 2 of the classes(the more advanced ones) I got them to listen to a song with English lyrics and write down the words. It was very good for them, but they sure didn´t like it...whatever, what else can they expect???? For the other two classes, they were too small for me to teach, and i didn´t have any material for them to do, so Graça included them in her classes too. So, that was my day...I hope you had a good one too!
Love, Ash :)
P.s...Thanks to everyone who leaves comments, I really enjoy reading them!


Meli said...

hey dahling! so sorry i missed u...i'll write later though....buhbye! luv, mel

Ruth-Ann said...

hey sweetie.... it was great to chat w/ you. MISS YOU :-(


SInging Lady said...

Alo Ash, Boa noite
Estou cansado
I will just leave you a brief message before I head off to bed.
Still not as warm here as you are having it.
Still stoking the boiler to keep us cozy.
Keep teaching those English songs to the kids!
I guess you will have to be prepared for anything next time and have something on hand for the young ones, just in case!
It has only been two weeks though since you arrived and it sounds like we must give you an "A" for effort!
Ate logo
Ate amanha
Eu te amo Nan xoxoxo

Trevor Kinsie said...

Hi Cousin,
It's Trevor I just wanted to say Hi and I am very happy for you. I'm having a party today with my friends from youth group. We are going roller skating , coming back to my house for tacos and a movie.

Good to hear from you.

Love Trevor.

Hi Ashleigh

We are very excited for you that you got into Tyndale. That's very exciting. I went there when it was OBC for the one year special. I didn't pass the course but it was a fun year. Glad to hear things are going well for you.

Love to you
Uncle Pat, Aunt Rhonda, Trevor, Lauren and Rebecca.