Just Don't Do It...

I had another pre-natal check-up yesterday.  My mother-in-law and sister-in-law were kind enough to drive me and wait in boring waiting rooms for a good chunk of the day.  Jocie got to hear her little niece/nephew's (or nibling, as she refers to it) heartbeat.  Baby certainly didn't want to cooperate, and was moving all around when the nurse tried to find the heartbeat with the Doppler fetal monitor.  We all laughed when (I felt) we heard a kick as it tried to express indignation.  Eventually baby calmed down and gave us a nice, strong heartbeat of 140 BBM.  

Thankfully everything is going well with the baby's health and growth, but other news has left me feeling somewhat sad.  I told the nurse that running was uncomfortable this week.  The first time I went, I had to cut it short after 10 minutes because it felt like the baby was a lead weight at the bottom of my abdomen.  The second time was amazing-even though I was super slow!-and yet I felt the most excruciating pelvic bone/groin pain that night and over the next few days.  Both the nurse and my OB smiled and suggested I try brisk walking instead.  


After feeling the discomfort of my second run, I had pretty much come to that conclusion on my own, but hearing it from a medical professional made it more concrete.  Although it will be difficult to give up running for the next few months, I'm happy that I was able to go this far.  I can tell my baby that "Mama ran a 5K when she was 8 weeks pregnant with you" and "You were my little running partner up until 32 weeks".  Who knows, maybe this wee one will enjoy running with me someday.  

I have plans to train for a 10-K race as soon as the doctor gives me the go-ahead, and have no doubt that Jake and our babe will be my biggest supporters!


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