Sermons and Christmas...

When I was looking after my two young charges yesterday,  I had the chance to drive them to McDonald's in my car.  On the way, I happened to mention Jake's MP3 player.  The youngest one, Michael, leapt at the chance to look at it.  I told him Jake had only downloaded sermons on it.  Disappointed though he was, he still asked me what a sermon was.  Wow.  Such a cool opportunity to talk about church, God, the Bible, and our pastor with them.  I hope that I said something to peak their curiosities about God.  Please pray as I continue to  look for opportunities to share Christ with this family.

Jake and I heard two wonderful sermons in church today, and during the morning service our pastor reminded us of the importance of the virgin birth to our Christian faith.  What would salvation be without it, not to mention the person of Jesus Christ?  This birth was unique, and more than fulfilled the prophecies of old.  How could Jesus have been our Saviour if he had been born from two human parents?  He would have had no credibility because his birth would have been tainted by the sins of the first Adam.  No, he had to be born of the Spirit so that he could be both fully man and yet fully God.

What a wonderful truth to have in our hearts for the upcoming week!


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