I received an email from my TESOL liaison, which read:

"Hi Ashleigh
We like to check if we haven't heard from a student for a month. I hope everything is  fine. Everyone is so busy these days and you still have lots of time left, but just checking in."

So now you know the truth...I have been procrastinating and putting off my course.  In the past couple of days I have tried to do a little bit every day, just to keep on top of it.  I have to be finished this module by the end of December, and the course by the end of January.  I need a renewed sense of strength and encouragement, as I am entering into the most tedious portion.  

Please pray that God would give me the desire to see this to the end.  



Singinglady said...

Hi Ash

Sorry to hear that you have fallen behind in your course requirements.
Sometimes it is hard to keep ahead of the game but we will pray that you will get the motivation you need to get back on the track and work towards the goal of finishing the required module by the end of the year and then moving on towards the deadline to be finishing the course by the end of January .

We know you can do it and you do not want to throw away the work you have already put into it by letting discouragement pull you under.

We are pulling for you but you have to realize that there will always be things in your life that require work and there will always be things that try to pull you off track.

Identify them for what they are and decide if you want to succeed in your goals or if you want to keep procrastinating and delaying the benefits that will come if you do pursue what seems to be evading you at this time.

We love you and hope that you will take our words to you as an encouragement to move ahead with what you know you must do to finish off this course.

Lots of love from NAN and POPS xoxoxox

Singinglady said...

Proverbs 16:20-28

Father, help us to always speak a gentle word which falls lightly but carries great weight. Amen. XOXO NAN