Drink Milk Love Life...

I have often felt sorry for the people around me who are on random elimination diets due to certain health problems i.e. allergies, weight, etc.  Now I am on a dairy elimination diet, due to some uncomfortable gas and bloating.  The purpose of this 3 week torture is to find out if I have a sensitivity to dairy, and thereby determine the cause of said excess gas.

Easier said than done.  It is hard to think about what to make that doesn't involve dairy.  There are so many possibilities, don't get me wrong, but dairy is in EVERYTHING, my friend.  Reading labels is now a part of my daily life.

I also made up a Healthy Fiber Mix that can be added to anything for an added boost (and to make you regular).
Add equal parts of lecithin granules, ground flax seed, and psyillium husks, (all found at the Bulk Barn) stir them together, and add two tablespoons as part of a regular, healthy diet.  Don't forget to drink a lot of water to balance out that extra fiber.  (This mix can be stored in the fridge).

I added it to my oatmeal this morning, and it took me about twenty minutes to finish one bowl, just because it was so filling.

Well, to all those dairy fans out there, cut some cheese for me today :)



On God's path said...

Oh Ashleigh I do enjoy reading your blog. I need to write more too. I have no literal cheese to cut for you, but well you know lol.

krystle ann-marie said...

I love soy milk on cereal, just another option instead of milk milk. ;) And I will literally cut some cheese for you today.