Life Stressors...

Being married has shown me how our emotions affect those around us.  When I was single, no one noticed if I was having a bad day, because I'd be alone in my room having my own pathetic pity party.

Those parties don't seem to be as enjoyable anymore.  Jake certainly doesn't like them.  In fact, they make him just as flustered or melancholy as I am.

Being married has taught me that I need to talk about the things that make me worried or upset.  Whining will get me nowhere in life.  But spilling my heart and crying will get me a compassionate shoulder to lean on, strong arms around my waist, and kisses from the man who pledged his life to me.

God has blessed us this past year, and even when things seemed to have no resolution, He got us through.

Because of Him, we can have hope for life stressors run amok.


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