Casein Free: Week 2...

Today marks the end of the second week of my dairy elimination diet.  Has it been hard?, you ask.  Well, yes and no.  I'm feeling a bit more at ease, knowing what I can and cannot eat.  Unfortunately, the things that I can have in restaurants are usually unhealthy and fatty i.e. french fries and chicken wings.  I have to remind myself not to eat too much of those.

On the whole, however, I have been feeling better physically.  I haven't been gassy or bloated (except for when I ate those greasy, fatty chicken wings last week...oh boy.)  My tendency is to overcompensate with meat, so I am trying to do a little better on that end.  I made some hummus today, and I have lots of fruit in the house.  I'm not perishing...just dying a little inside every time I see someone eat ice cream.  (Why is it all about the ice cream? I'm craving that more than cheese.  It's so wrong.)

I'll keep you posted next week for my outcome.  One more week, folks! Bring it!


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Missy said...

Good job staying strong! Sorry about that wing night....next time we'll try something different!