Don't stop now...

So, Lord, you have begun this work in me. Seems like we've been doing this thing called "life" for a while now. Together. For the most part. And sometimes, I know I don't hold up my end of the deal all that great. But You ask me to keep going.

Even when it seems to be too hard. Even when I have no motivation. AND especially when I have no strength to do it on my own. Because it's in those moments that I must remember to lean on you.

I love how I can come to you whenever I need help, or whenever I need to thank you for something you have blessed me with, or an answer to prayer.

Tonight, I would like to praise you for saving me, and for continually renewing me. It was not a one-time process, nor can I rush through it to get "holy" quick. It is a "continual" transformation, and I must remember to be patient until the day you will return or call me home, because it is only then that I will understand what it is like to be holy.

Until then...

Don't stop.

Keep going.

Keep your eyes fixed on the goal, and don't let anything get in the way or cause you to get distracted.

Don't worry about the discouragement that comes along. Don't you think that He knows about it, and holds it in the palm of His hand?

What a reassuring thought!

Praise His Name!!


1 comment:

Singinglady said...

Amen my darling

We should all be living our life like this every day!

We have so much to thank and praise Him for !

Reassuring indeed!