Reflective Walks...

I have been reading this book, The Me I Want to Be by John Ortberg (cheesiest title in the world, I know). In the chapter I read last night, he was talking about how people have different ways of connecting with God. He had quite a few things listed in what he calls "sacred pathways" (apparently taken from Gary Thomas. "Sacred Pathways" are ways that we find naturally help us experience the presence of God)
-->Naturalist: finds God in nature
-->Ascetic: is drawn to disciplines
-->Traditionalist: loves historical liturgies
-->Activist: comes alive spiritually in a great cause
-->Caregiver: meets God in serving
-->Sensate: sense God through five senses
-->Enthusiast: loves to grow through people
-->Contemplative: is drawn to solitary reflection and prayer
-->Intellectual: loves God by learning

Immediately upon reading the list, I knew that I am a naturalist. Upon a second perusal, I resonated most with being a sensate. I have discovered upon a recent desire to walk more (especially now that the weather is nice again), that I feel most alive and experience God's presence more when I am surrounded by trees and the open sky, with the smell of fresh air, barbecues, and the scent of dirt lingering in my nostrils. I would really like to start getting up early and walk so that I can be reflective upon my day and pray when I feel so connected to His nearness...

Which one resonated with you the most?

Love, Ashleigh

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Catherine said...

Enthusiast would be a quick choice for me. And then Caregiver probably be the next instinctual one I chose. Contemplative.

Thanks for posting this, it is awesome to consider and it helps me understand the intimacy with God better.