By the taste of a sour jujube...

As I sit here eating some Easter candy from my grandparents, I am working up the courage to finish a paper on John Calvin. I am excited to write it, but was considerably tired when I returned home from college today. Now, after a two hour nap, I am still no where near done. But let's focus on the positive. I have begun to write it. I have completed some research. And I have been procrastinating. Oops...that one wasn't positive.

It occurs to me that most people, including myself, don't focus on the positive things that God gives us, the things that are wonderful and beautiful. We often skim over the things that cause joy, and zoom in right on the negative. "Oh you got 92% here, but, WHAT! you only got a 56% here?! What were you thinking!!!" and on and on it goes. Within ourselves. From others.

Why can't we get past it? Why do we constantly have to ruin someone's happiness, or our own happiness, by not rejoicing a sufficient amount in the blessings God gives us? There are times when we must make a statement, recognize that we didn't do so well somewhere, or that we could have tightened something up elsewhere. But then we need to get up and dance, and celebrate something good, and give God all the glory.


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