Hi everyone,

To those of you who did not read my last blog, don't worry about this message. However, for those who did, you may have noticed I deleted it. I apologize for posting something negative on my blog. It's one thing to share what I'm struggling, but it's another to be downright surly in the face of other people's joys and accomplishments.

Please forgive me.



Singinglady said...

Hi my love
I have no idea what you wrote nor do I need to know, but I am glad that you had the sensitivity to remove something that may be construed by someone as hurtful.

Sometimes in the heat of the moment we are apt to write something that is not in keeping with our walk with God and it is just too easy to hit that send button before we can regroup and rethink just what needs to be said or not said as the case may be.

Hopefully it was removed before anyone read it and your apology will help to ease your own feelings of remorse.

I love you and I know you would not meaningfully hurt anyone. XOXO NAN

Singinglady said...
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