We're engaged!

The past week and a half has gone by so fast, and this Thursday will mark the two weeks since Jake and I got engaged! It is incredible to believe, but the ring on my finger doesn't lie. Sometimes I catch myself saying "dating" or "boyfriend", but it's for reals now. We have made a commitment and I'm going to be a married woman!

Jake and I still have a lot to talk about and plans to make, but the most important thing to me at this point is keeping God in the center, and not crowding him out due to burgeoning wedding details. It's so easy to focus on the wedding "day", but a marriage is about relationship, not only with each other, but also with God.

I am excited to see how God will lead us in this, as we are waiting on His provision for a job for Jake, a car, and a definite date for the wedding(we know it will be this year some time)as well as other monies for daily living AND wedding.

I am so in love with my Jake, and some days it seems like the wedding day can't come fast enough...



Missy said...

So happy for you Ash! You and Jake have been given a wonderful gift - each other! I'm praying for you guys as you beginning planning and figuring out the money situation. Love you!!

Anonymous said...

I am so excited for you and Jake as you begin this new adventure together. :) Enjoy the time spent with one another and make the most of it! Your wedding day will be here in no time, trust me! I love that you already have such a God focused perspective on marriage and relationship. Weddings are one of the most beautiful and wonderful things, when God is placed at the center.

Catherine said...

I am also excited for you both and blessed by your declaration of the important aspects of the upcoming marriage to Jake. It encourages me greatly! Looking forward to hearing how things come along as God responds!