Listening to the Rain...

As much as I have been annoyed at the amount of rain and lack of sunshine lately, one of my favourite things in the world is waking up to the sound of rain outside, and its distinct smell wafting into my nostrils as I lie in my bed. It is so comforting. I remember how the rain sounds on the tin roof at my grandparents' house, loud and ever so close.

Today I woke up early. Well, for everyone else not so early. I was told that we were supposed to have people coming to take a look at our desks and furniture situation. But no one has come yet. I don't mind. I am going to see a movie with Missy soon, and the "furniture people" are the least of my concerns right now.

I was trying to get to sleep when I thought I heard a bat somewhere. It scared me so much, and my heart was pounding so incredibly fast. I sometimes hate the fact that we grew up with bats. Perhaps God has some reason for it.

I have decided that in every blog I write, I will include a random fact, merely for interest's sake. Last night I learned that Jake really enjoys them, and so do I.
Random Fact: Birds, proportionate to their size and weight, are 75% stronger than people.(thanks to www.trivia-library.com)

I hope everyone has a great day!



Singinglady said...

Hello again
I am gradually catching up on my emails and your blogs as well.
Yes, we have had our share this summer and you certainly described the way it sounds here as it hits the steel roof.

There was a time before we got the new roof, that we had MEGA leaks in it and if we heard it starting in the night, everyone would leap out of bed and grab the pots to catch the drips all around the house.
I am sure your mom remembers those days!
Fun and Games … NOT!

BATS!!! ARGHHH! We have only had them occasionally around here, but I know that you can speak in detail about your experiences!

Let’s move on to your Random thoughts.
I will look forward to seeing what you come up with and I will have to see what I can find to counter yours.
Not today as I am still in a catch-up mode. LOL!

Now I will move on to your next one
I love you
xoxo NAN

Singinglady said...

Thought for Today
i just found this message in my recent mail What do you think of it as a Random thought?

Everyone leaves footprints in your memory,
But the ones that leave footprints in your heart
Are the ones you will truly remember.

~~Nicholas Sperling