Bug Bites and Work...

My bug bites that I got on Friday night are really "bugging" me. I couldn't resist that ridiculous pun. I'm sorry. I hate the fact that I'm complaining aboutt them. I don't consider myself to be a complainer, so it's really annoying. I still don't feel like spending money on cream to make them feel better. They should be gone soon. I have faith.

I worked for only three hours today, but it was actually really good. Usually, there is not much to do, so I stand around trying to make up new jobs to do. However, many people were returning tuxedos from weddings on the week-end, so I spent all my time returning them in the computer and sorting out the jackets, pants, shirts, vests, ties, suspenders, cufflinks, and shoes into different spots.

This may be a controversial issue for some, but I have been watching Harry Potter lately. I have never watched it before, mostly because I have listened to people who told me it was bad, and Christians shouldn't watch it. However, I decided to come to my own conclusions about the series. I will let you know when I come to the last movie how I feel about it. So far, I don't see any difference between this story and something like Lord of the Rings.

I hope everyone has a great evening-


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Singinglady said...

Hi Darling
Sorry to hear that you are being bugged by the bites you got on the weekend.
If you do not want to buy something to ease the itch, if you have some baking soda, you could make up little paste with water and dab that on.
It might help, but I do not suppose you haven soda either.
Glad your day went quickly at work and that you had some jobs that made the time pass faster.
Will be waiting to hear you opinion on the Harry Potter status.
It doesn’t turn me on but then neither does the Lord of the Rings.
They are just not an interest for me.
I know everyone e is different so I guess you just will have to form your own opinions.
I am going to try to go to bed soon.
Hope you have a good week.
Lots of love NAN xoxo