Listen to the wind...

As I sit on my bed listening to the rustling of the leaves, I am reminded that it is good to sit in silence.
In contemplation.
Without being distracted by other sounds, such as music, or people talking.
The faint sound of traffic on the highway is like white noise in the background. It is comforting in a way. The raucous cry of a crow intermittently breaks the solitude. There are no other birds gently tweeting songs to each other, only the monotonous call of the crows.

The old trees sway back and forth outside my window, unsure of whether to stand or fall. I wonder how long they have been there, and what sort of decay it is that makes them die from within.

I am glad we never die from within, well, those who believe in Jesus. We were dead from within when we were lost in our sin, but now we are free and made whole. No matter what we go through, no matter what happens to our physical bodies, it is what we have on the inside, our souls, that will continue on into eternity, praising Jesus forever for how He has saved us.

-Leaves continue to rustle in the wind, performing their dance for the glory of our Father in heaven-


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Singinglady said...

Hi my love,

It seems that these days we do not do this often enough.
I mean to just turn off the TV/Radios and listen to the quietness?

I for one am guilty of this!
It tends to be a cacophony of noise around me all day long.

However, as you know when we go outside here at our place, the sounds of nature are very real and in the quietness of the surroundings, you become very alert to the sounds of nature all around us.

We have often had trees that have come down because they are rotten or from the elements of nature that sometimes down them.

You hit the nail on the head as you said that when we have Jesus with in us, the rottenness of our sins are removed and we can be clean before Him.

Praise Him for His atoning goodness to us and for the promise of an eternal life when we will praise Him forever..
Lots of love NAN