Hold me, and heal me, keep my heart in Your hands...

My right shoulder hurts something fierce today. I am not sure why, perhaps I slept on it wrong. I have been having problems with this shoulder for a while now, so I am not surprised it is hurting so.

I am listening to one of my favourite bands, the Benjamin Gate, and smelling the sweet air emanating from the woods outside my window. The song I am listening to right now is one that I love so much, and would love to learn to play on the piano. Here are the words:


Jesus, I feel You near me
Your hands giving life to my body
Your spirit healing life to me
Holding my heart in sweet security

God, I need Your grace
Let Your Spirit rescue me
God, I need Your love
Let Your grace shine through me

Jesus, you fill the space in me
Sealing these dreams in shapes of purity
Freeing my heart to deep eternity


God, I seek Your face
Let Your Spirit rescue me
God, I need Your love
Let Your grace shine through me

I am excited to be going home this week-end. Jake is able to come too, so I will get to show him all around where I grew up :) I can't wait!
Today is our 2 month anniversary of dating. I can't believe it is already two months, although sometimes it seems like we have been dating forever. This makes me smile!

I hope everyone has a great day...

Love, Ashleigh

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Singinglady said...

Hi my darling
I am very behind in replying to you recent blogs
I wanted to be able to have the time to read them and get the full impact of what you were sharing so I could send my return thoughts.
I hope by now that your shoulder problems have improved.
I am not familiar with the band that you were listening to. However the words to the song you posted, certainly are very profound and are ones that you can relate to .
God certainly has had His Hands on you from the very beginning of your life and after your experience in April, I would say that the message in this would even stake you more closely and cause you to lean on Him for everything.

Congrats on your two month anniversary with Jake and I will comment on the trip home in your next blog.

I love my precious girl