Birthdays, pies, and Dutch Blitz...

Yesterday was Jake's birthday, and I decided to bake him a lemon meringue pie, from scratch. Most of you know that I don't do much baking, if any at all. So it was a pretty long process, but I am pretty pleased with how it turned out, and can't wait to perfect it for the next time! And most importantly, Jake really liked it, so I'm happy about that! We went to Nathaniel's house and hung out with some friends, ate delicious food that Nathaniel cooked, including his world famous bruschetta, and then played Dutch Blitz and Monopoly.

By the time we got back to the school, we were pretty pooped, but it was a great time spending time with some people we haven't seen in a while.

I have been reading this book called "Three Cups of Tea" by Greg Mortenson. It is about the author, who got lost while trying to climb a mountain in Pakistan. He stumbled across this village, and got to know the people, realizing they didn't have a school. So he returned back to the States, promising them he would return with money for a school. Sure enough he did, and the book progresses with him making lifelong friendships with the people there, and becoming director of an organization that builds schools in different areas of Pakistan. It's very good.

I hope everyone has a great day-


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Singinglady said...

Hello again darling,
I have already commented in your earlier email note, but
I will repeat that I am glad that Jake’s birthday was such a good time for you.

It sounds like you just needed a bit of motivation to set about working at your culinary skills and when the right time came up, you worked very hard to make this pie as a present to your very special someone!

I am glad it turned out so well and it sounds like the recipient appreciated it.
Keep up the good work.
All luv NAN xoxoxo