Work and Sleepy Lids...

I woke up this morning NOT wanting to get up, but I dragged my body out of bed and got ready to work in the office. I still haven't started, but soon I must go. I also go back to the tuxedo shop today, which I am nervous about. Not so much because of what happened to me there, but I am starting back at the beginning of the busy season. My time will be consumed with weddings, weddings, and more weddings, fittings, measuring...yikes.

Well, I am thoroughly grateful to God that I have this job. I handed out about 15 resumes, maybe a few more, and only Second Cup called me back, for part time hours. It's hard to find a job in these days.

I trust everyone is doing well-hopefully the sun will shine today, after hiding its face for a long while. Last night was a beautiful night so I talked Jake into going for a walk(I had to take some things back to the library anyhow). It was indeed wonderful to get out in the fresh air.

I also made perogies for Missy and I at her house, and played with her new kitties, Eddie and Bella, and we watched Sweet Home Alabama, which is quite possibly one of my favourite movies. Because the main character's name is Jake. Just kidding :D But I believe it is one of my favourite movies. Such a sweet love story!

I must away. But I trust you all have a great day!


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Singinglady said...

Hi Sweetie

Wakey! Wakey!
I am sure by now you are up and at it for the day’s agenda.

Good to hear that you are able to start back at the tuxedo shop.
Just think how much you will know about this aspect of organizing a wedding you are ever in that situation yourself!

The home made perogies that you made sound delicious.

I think I saw that movie on TV a while ago and enjoyed it as well.

Now that the weather is getting so nice, I am sure that an evening walk will be something that you and Jake will be enjoying often this summer.

I hope things continue to be working so well for you.

Have great weekend, but try to get that school workload underway and finished so you will be able to enjoy the summer to that max!

Lots of luv NAN xoxoxo