Weddings and Pollen...

Tomorrow, a couple from my first year is getting married. I was talking with some other girls, how we have pretty much grown together over the years, watching each other mature and change. It's so neat, and sad at the same time. I think these next years will be so different as all my friends start to get married. But it's good. Weddings are good, and symbolize people's love for each other. Love is good :)

It has been so interesting watching the transformation into spring here at the school. Usually we aren't here long enough in the year to see all the different trees that flower and the beautiful grass in the front. I have been enjoying all the beauty around me, including the hidden lilac trees among the other shrubs that line the sidewalk. I have also been soaking up the sun, when it's not too chilly from the wind. I got the funniest burn on Monday, however, because I was sitting cross-legged. You can imagine what my legs looked like!

I do not enjoy sitting in the sun as much as i used to, because I am more aware of the dangers of the rays. The pull to enjoy the warmth, however, oftentimes supercedes my health conscious attitudes :)

God bless!



Singinglady said...

Hi sweetie,
Always good to have a new writing from you and hear what is going at your end...

Yes, I am sure that the weddings will be starting up throughout the next few years for your various friends. They will be exciting times and you may even get to participate in some before you are through.

I know what you mean about the enjoyment you feel as you watch the spring unfold with the beauty of the tress, shrubs and flowers coming back to life after our long, cold winter.

One of the highlights I enjoy about living in the country where we are, is watching the cattle come back on the hills as you come along Durham 8 and seeing the little calves with their mommies and also the watching as we continue along and enjoy the Clydesdale farm near Roseville and watch the baby horses as well.
So many beautiful things are a part of God’s creation! PTL!

I know you like to relax in the sun’s warmth but just be cautious, as the rays can be quite harmful if you aren’t protected.
No more advice to give you on that one, as I am sure you know all that anyway. LOL!

Hope you have a great weekend and that things are settling down for you.
Lots of love and hugs
from NAN

Singinglady said...
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