Goodbyes are not forever....

Wednesday already! How is it that time goes by so fast! Even though the week-end was a long one, it sure flew by.

Last night we drove my roommate to the airport. She's going on a missions trip to Japan. I'm excited for her, as she graduated this year and is ready for whatever God will bring her way. But I know I will miss her this summer! She will do fine, I'm sure. Adventures are always good!

I'm sitting in a room that's not my own(simply because my own internet jack doesn't work), listening to Albanian music. I am debating whether to go to bed or not. I don't have anything specific to do tomorrow, but I am sure sleep would be good. I always find myself puttering before I go to bed, dreading going to bed but knowing I should at the same time. It's the weirdest thing.

Have a great night/day, depending on when you read this!


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Singinglady said...

Hi Ash,
I hope you finally got to bed last night!
Mind you, I am not one to talk and give advice on that score, as I tend to stay up too late myself!
My puttering seems to be playing moves in my Facebook games.

Do you have a roommate now that your friend has gone to Japan?
How long is her mission trip?
I did not get to meet her when you were in the hospital although I did get to talk to several of you school friends when they were visiting.
Everyone was so nice.

Where did you get the Albanian music?
Did you ever get to hear the Celtic hymn DVD I left for you?
I was wondering what it was like?

Yes the time is going by rapidly and here we are almost at the end of May!
Better make the most of these nice days after the long, cold winter we just came though
Love you lots.
Hugs and kisses