Iced Coffees and Sunshine...

I am hoping to be a volunteer with an organization in Cambridge that works with elderly people. I had an "interview" with the coordinator today, and she asked me all about myself, what my interests are and such. The premise of their program is that they pair volunteers with elderly people who have similar interests, to ease loneliness for them, as well as to give their caregivers a break. I am interested in doing this so that I can bring happiness to people's lives, as well as give them something to look forward to. I also don't volunteer of my time and abilities as much as I should, so I think this will be a good experience.

It's free iced coffee day at Tim's today, so I got one and pretty well fell over. They are SO incredibly good, and definitely refreshing on a day like today! The sun is shining so bright and strong that I am inclined to go and sit outside!

I also cleaned my room today-it wasn't too messy, but it definitely needed straightening up. There is something so relieving in getting things in order.

I hope you have a great day-don't forget to sit outside and drink your free iced coffee :) It's only until 5 pm by the way.




Singinglady said...

Dear Ash

I hope that this volunteer job that you have applied for, will happen for you.. It sounds like something that you would be able to do easily with your outgoing personality and compassionate heart.

You didn't have too far to go to get you Tummies free Iced coffee.

I forgot all about it but as I not get dressed today, I didn't think it would be appropriate for me to go in my housecoat! LOL!

You are also ahead of me on the clean up of your room. I do not even know where to start at my end!

You said, "Relief in getting things in order!" ....

I would think I had died and gone to heaven if I ever got a handle on our place!

I did get outside for a few minutes this afternoon but it was very oppressively hot and much more comfortable in the house!

However, I am not complaining one bit about having nicer weather.

We waited long enough for it!

Hope you have a good weekend.

lots of love xoxo


Ruth-Ann said...

Yeah... I missed out on the iced coffee :( I should have taken the chance but felt kinda silly... well I love and miss you!!! <3 xoxo