Rain and Sleepless Nights...

It is not until the storm clouds blow in that I really notice how the weather affects my mood. If it were warmer and raining, I would be fine. But this cold, wet rain, and dark and dreary day makes me want to curl up in my bed and never come out.

The combination of thinking about work, money, and school left me restless last night, and sleep eluded me. I don't know why I worry so much. Especially with school-if I just had enough motivation to get things done, then I wouldn't be in this predicament.

However, my love life is on a record high :) and I couldn't be happier right now. God works so unexpectedly sometimes. I never anticipated having a boyfriend so soon, but somehow it's the right time. It feels right, and everything that led up to these moments was written by the hand of God. He alone has written my story, and I feel blessed to say that it includes Jake.


I love birch trees. There is one right outside my window, and I am watching it's heart-shaped leaves flutter in the wind, it's white bark dulled to a dark gray from the rain. The birds are chirping happily, quite possibly as they look for worms to feed their young. This year I have seen two robin's nests, filled with babies, their mouths open wide in greedy expectancy of food. It is a marvelous sight.

May your day be blessed!


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Singinglady said...

Hi darling
Cold and rainy and the dampness has an affect on my mood as well.

Just trying to stay warm and cozy is a challenge to me too.

When the boiler is on at this time of year it helps to warm the house up quickly.

I hope that you do not have too many restless nights, as that is not good for you either.

Hopefully when you get the assignments and your school workload off your mind, that will be one less thing to worry about.

It is nice to see the outside gardens coming back in to full bloom.
Everything is so lush, green and fresh looking especially after all the rain.

The good news you shared with us of your new love relationship should also do wonders at giving you a new outlook on life.

From what you have told us about Jake, it sounds like you will both be very happy together as you begin to get to know one another better.

We are looking forward to meeting him.

Lots of love NAN