The Fountain

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I am not really sure what to write about today, so I decided I would post a poem that I wrote a while ago. I found it, and I thought I had posted it on here already. But here goes:

The Fountain

I walk into the garden
Surrounded by the moonlight.
Sillouhettes of statues
Are rising from the ground.

A warm breeze lightly blowing,
Sounds of the fountain gently flowing,
The night air is heady
With flowers softly blooming.

My feet on cool cobblestone
Step onto the grass,
Searching for the maze
Past the garden walls.

Running, running, running,
Running through the maze,
I stop to catch my breath,
And look up to the stars.

I enter the garden once more,
And notice that silence abounds.
No crickets' chirp, no owl's hoot,
Only. Silence. Still.

Suddenly I hear the sound
Of footsteps coming down the path.
I see a figure up ahead,
Moving slowly, shoulders slumped.

Hiding, hiding, hiding,
I must find a place to hide.
Trees along the garden edge
Provide the perfect spot.

With bated breath, I watch him
As he walks towards the fountain.
He takes a seat upon the ledge
And then he starts to weep.

His wailing shatters the quiet,
And echoes within the walls,
My heart, though it still is afraid,
Aches for this man who mourns.

What could it be, that makes him cry,
That causes tears to fall?
Who was she who broke his heart,
And makes him suffer alone?

Still afraid, but with some courage,
I walk towards the stranger.
Inexplicably, I know who He is,
This sobbing Man.

Those tears He cries
Because of me,
His heart is torn
From what I've done.

I fall to the ground,
Shocked and horrified,
Guilt, shame, and regret
Well up within me.

Remembering what I've done,
How I haven't done enough,
So complacently and carelessly
I disregard His words:

Be SET APART from the world,
Take a STAND for my name,
And share my LOVE with others.

The depth of my shame
Cannot compare to
The depth of his hurt
And how much he suffered.

He looks up now,
Tears stream down His face,
His eyes are sad,
But somehow full of grace.

I am unable to look
Into his piercing gaze,
But He compels me
And tells me He loves me still.

He smiles at me,
and takes my hand.
He pulls me up from the dirt
And I feel at peace.

He leads me into the fountain,
His strong hand never lets go,
And I watch as the water
Displaces when our feet step in.

Our clothes become soaked
From the downpour above,
But the water washes over me,
Cleansing. Purifying. Renewing.

My skin tingles,
Every sense is alive,
My eyes close
As I revel in this moment.

I open my eyes,
Finding myself alone.
But my heart is full,
And His presence surrounds me still.

March 10, 2009

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Singinglady said...

Dear Ash
This poem is beautiful,
Thank you for sharing it.
It has much depth and yet it is very tender and compassionate.

Lots of love NAN