On Giving...

My youngest sister, Vanessa, gave Jake and I a World Vision World of Change Giving Card for Christmas, with $30 to choose a gift for someone who is in need.  Until today, I hadn't done anything with it, so I decided to peruse the World Vision site to see what we could give for that amount.  For only $30 each, here are some things we can give:

  • 3 warm blankets
  • 5 fruit trees
  • Literacy for children
  • Feed a hungry family in Canada
The fruit trees have come to life for me, since, in Brazil, they're everywhere.  Imagine how much of an impact that could have on, not only a family, but a small village!  Some of those trees get so big!

I am very passionate about literacy, so that one and the warm blankets seem to be a very logical and practical choice.

That last one was a bit of a shock.  If you're like me, the tendency is to think about third world countries, and their need.  I often forget that there are other Canadians, like me in nationality, who are also suffering in poverty, homelessness, and hunger.  It brought tears to my eyes thinking of how people next door, my very own neighbours, could be trying to make ends meet and not have enough left over to feed their own families.  

I am grateful for the breakfast clubs and other programs that exist in our cities, which make an attempt at helping children get the nutrition they need in order to provide a conducive attitude for learning.  

In some ways I feel so powerless to do anything.  In fact, I'm having a hard time trying to figure out how to finish off this post. I have heard some people crack jokes at the whole process of not-for-profits like World Vision, and all the does-it-do-any-good and who-is-actually-going-to-receive-it excuses.  Yet, if I can help in this small way, I hope that it will make a difference to someone.  As a Christian, I have a responsibility to be a good steward with my money (in this case, my sister's money!).  I hope that God will be honoured in this process of gift-giving, and that my eyes will be ever open to the need around me, even in Canada.


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